Conflicts are becoming an increasingly concerning problem in the corporate environment and, when poorly managed, can bring opportunity, time and resources losses, whether financial or not, as well as wear out interpersonal relationships.

To remain competitive, and recognizing the need to improve the management of its external and internal conflicts, organizations of various kinds have been seeking more efficient ways to drive the set of relationships in your corporate environment more smoothly.

The goal is to improve relationships with partners, suppliers, employees, customers, officers, directors, partners, governments, lenders and other stakeholders, preserving thus the business, image, good reputation of the organization and, eventually why not, the existing friendship.

Our company offers a range of services in various areas of mediation.

• Strategic Negotiation

What it is:
• Implementation of techniques to approach the conflicting parties and build creative, efficient and satisfactory solutions;
• Definition of strategy and specific tactics for negotiation with a view to establishing objective criteria and implementation of operational, realistic and sustainable agreements;
• Applicable to situations involving multiple parties or cases related to the Government, be they claims against public administrations, regulators, negotiations with traditional communities or trading Terms of Adjustment of Conduct (TACs) with administrative authorities or public prosecutors' offices

Development of projects and training
of staff with the purpose of identifying sensitive issues in the relationship between the organization and its clients and prevent litigation.

Due diligence exercise covering all lawsuits in progress, focused on identifying the grounds of the claims.

Development of internal policies aiming at the immediate resolution of disputes with clients in order to prevent judicial lawsuits of the cases.

Training of staff in view of improving the services provided, thus preserving the relationship with clients and the image of the organization.


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